A Legacy of Innovation

Since 2014, Apotheosis has worked tirelessly to deliver innovative technical solutions to complex hardware and software problems across industries. After many years of working with dangerous electronic devices, our innovators grew tired of exposure to dangerous EMF Radiation and begun the search for a solution.

SENI Technology: The Path to an EMF-Free World

After many months of tireless research, development, and prototyping, in 2019 we completed and patented the first Scalar Energy Negative Ion Generator (SENI). Unlike other, less advanced methods of EMF protection - which often rely on "blocking" EMF by utilizing a faraday cage like technology - SmartShield neutralizes EMF by identifying the harmful elements of radiation at a subatomic level and disrupting ionizing bands with powerful bursts of negative ions.

In a polluted, digital world, your health shouldn't have to wait.

All SmartShield EMF Protection products come with FREE two-day shipping. All Apotheosis products are made right here in the USA and available at many major retailers such as Amazon.