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With the SmartShield Wholesale Program, you can protect your business, grow your homeopathic medical practice, or increase retail sales by offering your clients the leading EMF protection solution on the market. The SmartShield EMF Neutralizer utilizes a variety of advanced technologies to protect your home, business, and your body from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation, HAARP, and ultraviolet/ultrasonic frequencies. Your clients will experience immediate and lasting relief from the painful symptoms of electrohypersensitivity.

Why Partner with SmartShield?

  • A Growing Industry: The EMF Protection Industry continues to experience rapid growth as consumers become educated about the harmful impacts of electromagnetic radiation. With the SmartShield Wholesale Program, you can buy into a business that will only continue to grow with our increasingly digitized and industrialized world.
  • Satisfied Customers: Under 3% of our customers will ever choose to return their SmartShield EMF Neutralizer*. Since your customers will love our products, many return to purchase additional items that help then lead healthier lives free from the harmful impacts of electromagnetic radiation.
  • Industry-Leading Returns: With the SmartShield Wholesale Program, your business can experience one of the highest profit returns in the electronics industry. Our low minimum order and automatic approval process* make it easy to see if SmartShield is right for your business. Once you’re ready to expand, our progressive wholesale discounts grow with your business. If you need assistance, our US-based account representatives work with you to help resolve your account-specific needs.

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