Introducing the SmartShield EMF Affiliate Program

With commissions of up to 10%* plus cash incentives and an innovative affiliate leveling system, the SmartShield Affiliate Program pays some of the highest commission incentives in the online retail industry.

SmartShield EMF Protection products are in high demand - our market and business continues to grow month to month and year to year. In addition, the high average order values associated with the sale of electronic devices drives high commissions for our affiliate marketers. Some affiliate programs may promise sky-high commissions, but with low average order values, this is a meaningless proposition when it comes to generating online income. In addition, SmartShield EMF Products have extremely high conversion rates with the correct targeting and understanding of the EMF Protection market. Many of our affiliates routinely convert up to 10% of visitors into paid sales.

Affiliate Incentives


Rewards levels, each offering higher commissions and better rewards.

Up to $1000*

Cash rewards for referral goals.

Up to 10%*

Affiliate commission for first-party referrals with your affiliate link.

Up to 10% of Paid Commissions*

Share of revenue generated by affiliates in lower tiers

The SmartShield EMF Affiliate program is a lucrative way to leverage your audience to generate passive income - perfect for influencers and those with large social audiences, especially those focused on natural remedies, health, and alternative medicine.

Ready to get started?

It's easy. First, sign up for a SmartShield EMF Account. Once you sign up, navigate to the My Account page located here and click on the affiliates link. Enter the required information and request to sign up for an affiliate account. Almost all requests are automatically approved within minutes, so simply wait and then refresh the page to gain access to our affiliate account portal.
For help or questions related to affiliate accounts, contact us at