Due to numerous challenges posed by the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, including reduced fulfillment capacity and logistical difficulties caused by border closures, state restrictions, and issues acquiring manufacturing materials via international markets, we have temporarily made the decision to reopen our business in a limited capacity that allows us to fulfill orders to our customers directly via our website. This allows us to better control order capacity and prevent shipping delays and bad customer experiences caused by stock shortages that have occurred throughout the pandemic. Therefore, we will no longer be making sales to any third party retailers or operating as a marketplace seller on any third-party platforms effective May 3, 2020.

Some retailers may continue to have previous stock of some SmartShield products, but since we have been closed to all orders for over a month, this is highly unlikely. In addition, this inventory is likely to be returned and/or sold at a higher price for this reason. For the best experience, it is highly recommended to use our website-based ordering system to receive our newest inventory and the best possible customer experience.

We currently do not have a date in which we plan to resume retail sales, however when we choose to do so we will utilize a phased approach, reopening our stores on marketplace platforms first and allowing sales to third parties in the future.

Thank you for choosing SmartShield.