A Legacy Of Innovation

Since 2014, Apotheosis has worked tirelessly to deliver innovative technical solutions to complex hardware and software problems across industries. After many years of working with dangerous electronic devices, our innovators grew tired of exposure and begun the search for a solution. After many months of tireless research, development, and prototyping, in 2019 we completed and patented the first Scalar Energy Negative Ion Generator (SENI). Unlike other, less advanced methods of EMF protection - which often rely on "blocking" EMF by utilizing a faraday cage like technology - SmartShield neutralizes EMF by identifying the harmful elements of radiation at a subatomic level and disrupting ionizing bands with powerful bursts of negative ions. This first-of-its-kind neutralization technology was spun off from the parent company as SmartShield, who brought the SmartShield EMF Max™ device to market. Today, SmartShield has expanded beyond the EMF Max, after miniaturizing the SENI unit to expand the technology to other form factors. We offer a variety of SmartShield EMF products and, as the global leader in EMF protection technologies, plan to continuously innovate and improve our protection technologies.

Apotheosis Headquarters - SmartShield Primary Research Laboratory

Our mission is to develop an EMF-free future.

Although we have made great advances in the fields of electromagnetic neutralization and subatomic particle manipulation, our mission is far from complete. While our products effectively eliminate all elements of electromagnetic radiation that harm the users of electronic devices, we currently have not found an effective method to entirely block EMF radiation while still allowing device-to-tower communication. It is our mission and our ultimate goal to develop an alternative means of device communication that does not require the emission of dangerous radio waves. Although our research is still in its infancy, Apotheosis SmartShield scientists have made great progress towards the development of an EMF-free future. Until such development is complete and proven safe for human and animal exposure, we continue to refine and miniaturize SENI-based units to provide the maximum amount of protection possible. Additionally, we continue to identify new minerals and rare-earth elements to include in our suite of protection that works together with SENI to neutralize and harmonize EMF exposure.

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