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SmartShield USB™ Home or Vehicle EMF Neutralizer

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WiFi | Bluetooth | 5G | 4G | 3G | LTE

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SmartShield USB™ combines our most advanced neutralization technologies to eliminate the harmful effects of EMF radiation within your home or vehicle. 

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The SmartShield USB™ device by Apotheosis combines our most advanced and clinically proven homeopathic neutralization technologies into the smallest device yet. SmartShield USB™ contains a proprietary blend of paramagnetic mineral compounds found deep within the earth. When plugged into any standard USB port, your SmartShield device harmonizes and neutralizes harmful electromagnetic radiation before it can reach your body. 

With a 1000 square foot protection radius, SmartShield USB™ is a complete EMF radiation protection solution for small homes, apartments, and vehicles. Your SmartShield device should be placed as close to the center of your home as possible for maximum coverage. SmartShield USB™ should be plugged directly into the USB port in your vehicle. If your older vehicle does not include a USB port, a car charging adapter may be used to power the device.

If your home is larger then the coverage area, we recommend the SmartShield MAX Whole-Home neutralizer device, which provides up to 4x the protective power of the SmartShield USB.

Your SmartShield USB™ Includes

The following patented technologies developed by Apotheosis:

Paramagnetic Field Neutralizer

At the core of SmartShield technology lies the scientific theory of paramagnetism. We've packed SmartShield USB™ with rare paramagnetic elements found deep within the earth. The moment you plug it in, these elements interact with and retune electromagnetic radiation to match homeopathic frequencies commonly found in nature. By neutralizing instead of blocking radiation, SmartShield™ technology does not affect the functionality of most consumer electronic devices.

SENI Negative Ion Generator

Negative ions are a type of energy common within nature, but rarely found in our electromagnetically polluted homes, schools, and workplaces. They have been linked to increased serotonin levels, higher energy levels, and improvements in sleep conditions such as insomnia. In addition, negative ions collide with and destroy harmful ionizing radiation emitted by microwaves, smart meters, and high-tension power lines. This is the most dangerous form of radiation with links to a number of cancers, EHS, and even damage to human DNA. SmartShield USB™ contains a 3.2v SENI Negative Ion Generator.


  • • Neutralizes EMF radiation in your home or office, including 4G, LTE, and 5G radiation.
  • • Coverage radius: 1000 sq. ft, single or multi-story.
  • • Energy-efficient design.
  • • Industry-leading neutralization technology by Apotheosis
  • • Patented, proven, and peer reviewed.
  • • Most customers notice a difference within 1-2 days of installation.

What's In The Box?

  • • SmartShield USB EMF Neutralizer
  • • Usage Instructions

SmartShield USB™ and all SmartShield EMF Neutralizer products are designed, developed, and manufactured in the USA for optimal quality and customer care. 


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I am a highly sensitive individual to energy, whether that be EMFs or subtle energy and basically pick up on, or notice almost everything that's harsh. In high school, when I switched schools there was Wi-Fi hotspots all over the school and it made me feel truly terrible, I couldn't get close to any devices for over 2 years because of it! EMF sensitivity is awful! Eventually I did get better and could use technology again.<br /> <br /> But, when 5G was implemented in 2019, my sensitivity came back BIG TIME, including all of the headaches, major brain fog, insomnia, digestive issues, etc. I knew it was time to take some action, so I searched up EMF neutralizers and a search result was the SmartShield USB...it's been installed for one day and already the brain fog is lifting, I slept SO good last night, the best I have in months, and the general vibe of the house is a lot lighter and happier feeling. It definitely works! Thanks for this! Might buy the MAX model too in the future.<br /> <br /> We are energetic beings and it's important to protect yourself, not out of fear, but out of the need for Self Care. Seriously! Do what you can to stay healthy and balanced.

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I just moved into a new rental where the modem and router which serve the house above and the cottage below are situated in my front room. I have been EMF sensitive before but adjusted by using ethernet connections with an older router model that had a lower output. After spending time in the unit I began to feel dizzy, sometimes losing my balance, my heart started racing and my energy was being drained leaving me feeling exhausted, over sensitive, fragile and ungrounded. In short dreadful. This device has helped me feel more like my normal self again.

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I have always been harassed by EMFs, and this device has reduced my headaches and pain.

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