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SmartShield EMF MAX™ Plug-In Whole House EMF Neutralizer

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Our most powerful consumer EMF neutralization device, SmartShield EMF MAX™ combines our most advanced technologies to eliminate the harmful effects of EMF radiation in your home.

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The SmartShield EMF MAX™ by Apotheosis is our most powerful consumer EMF protection solution on the market. Combining our most advanced and clinically proven homeopathic neutralization technologies, SmartShield EMF MAX™ blankets your entire home with up to 4000 square feet of protection - ensuring that no source of EMF within the radius is not harmonized.

SmartShield EMF MAX™ contains a proprietary blend of paramagnetic mineral compounds found deep within the earth. When plugged into any standard wall outlet, your SmartShield device harmonizes and neutralizes harmful electromagnetic radiation before it can reach your body. 

Your SmartShield EMF MAX™ Includes

The following patented technologies developed by Apotheosis:

Paramagnetic Field Neutralizer

At the core of SmartShield technology lies the scientific theory of paramagnetism. We've packed SmartShield EMF MAX™ with rare paramagnetic elements found deep within the earth. The moment you plug it in, these elements interact with and retune electromagnetic radiation to match homeopathic frequencies commonly found in nature. By neutralizing instead of blocking radiation, SmartShield™ technology does not affect the functionality of most consumer electronic devices.

SENI Negative Ion Generator

Negative ions are a type of energy common within nature, but rarely found in our electromagnetically polluted homes, schools, and workplaces. They have been linked to increased serotonin levels, higher energy levels, and improvements in sleep conditions such as insomnia. In addition, negative ions collide with and destroy harmful ionizing radiation emitted by microwaves, smart meters, and high-tension power lines. This is the most dangerous form of radiation with links to cancer, EHS, and even damage to human DNA. SmartShield EMF MAX™ contains a 12v SENI Negative Ion Generator.

Ultrasonic/Ultraviolet/HAARP Frequency Retuner

While we might think we can hear, feel, and see everything, we only actually see 1% of the light that reaches us. Similarly, we only hear sounds in a very narrow range between 2,000 and 20,000 Hz. Therefore, most of the things that can hurt us we never even see or hear. In fact, electromagnetic fields generally operate around 300 Hz, which is why we cannot hear or see them. Similarly, the HAARP array operates between 2.7 and 10 MHz. SmartShield utilizes refraction and auditory retuning techniques to absorb and neutralize harmful frequencies before they enter our body. When you listen closely to your SmartShield EMF MAX™ unit, you can hear a low frequency hum. SmartShield retunes these inaudible frequencies into the visible/auditory spectrum, where they cannot penetrate and harm the human body.


    SmartShield EMF MAX™ is suitable for homes 4000 square feet and below - 4x as powerful as our SmartShield USB EMF neutralizer. It should be placed as close to the center of your home as possible for maximum coverage. The ultra long-range protection covers devices outside of your home, including smart meters and electrical wires. 

    • • Neutralize EMF radiation in your home or office, including 4G LTE and 5G radiation.
    • • Coverage radius: 4000 sq. ft, single or multi-story.
    • • North American wall plug. Requires electricity.
    • • Patented, proven, and peer reviewed. 
    • • Advanced SENI neutralization technologies by Apotheosis.
    • • Most customers notice a difference 1-2 days from installation.

    What's In The Box?

    • • SmartShield EMF MAX™
    • • Installation Instructions

    SmartShield EMF MAX™ and all SmartShield EMF Neutralizer products are designed, developed, and manufactured in the USA for optimal quality and customer care. 


    Data sheet

    Protection Radius
    45 meters

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    Rated 4.50 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 6 customer reviews


    This is the only device I know of that protects from dangerous HAARP Signals which are generated through cell towers. Within 2 days, I noticed a big difference in my home. I was able to sleep the night through without any natural sleep supplements which I haven't been able to do for over 20 years. My home feels much calmer and I feel much better and more peaceful. Thank you for this most helpful device. It's truly a lifesaver in this terribly electromagnetic polluted world. I have told at least 4 friends about this unit and they have all ordered it.

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    Verified purchase

    Makes a BIG difference!

    Takes a day or two to notice a difference with its effects, and this unit is a strong device I could feel that right away. It makes a small low hum which isn't too loud, the house has felt a lot more peaceful! SmartShield creates really cool devices for EMF protection, and they have courteous, responsive support. I highly recommend them!

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    Verified purchase

    This Smart Shield was recommended by a friend who has been using the device in his practice. I am extremely satisfied with this product which I use mostly in my workplace (a university) where the electropollution is extremely high (Wifi, etc.). It contributes to a nice working atmosphere where the students are able to concentrate properly. I also use my USB shield on the fast train when there are ports available. I can say it changed my traveling life since I no longer suffer from electromagnetic pollution-induced headaches the day after traveling.

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    Verified purchase

    Customer didn't write any details

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    Works amazing and although I don't notice a big difference in myself I definitely noticed the difference in other people and my dogs I've had parents tell me when their kids come over here they have more energy and are happier and they don't even know that unit is in my home.

    Was this comment useful to you? Yes No