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SmartShield Mobile™ EMF Neutralizer Kit (Black)

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SmartShield Mobile™ EMF Neutralizers shield you from your most dangerous devices - such as cell phones, laptops, and tablets - keeping you protected wherever you go.

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All electronics - from cell phones to your TV and microwave - release dangerous EMF radiation, but the ones you need to be most careful of are those in close proximity to your body. Cell phones, tablets, and laptops are the most dangerous among them. SmartShield Mobile utilizes advanced technologies embedded within nanolayers of rare-earth minerals such as paramagnetism and negative ionization, to deionize and harmonize EMF radiation emitted by electronic devices before it enters the human body. By neutralizing the harmful elements of EMF radiation with over 30 homeopathic frequencies, we treat the root causes of your EMF symptoms so you can live a happier and healthier life free of harmful EMF exposure.

  • • Neutralize EMF Radiation emitted by a single device (Cell Phone, Laptop, Tablet).
  • • Does not impact the battery life of your devices.
  • • Advanced SENI neutralization technology by Apotheosis.
  • • Most customers notice a difference within 1-2 days.

SmartShield Mobile™ devices are made in the USA and hand-programmed by our team with specific homeopathic frequencies known to harmonize and neutralize EMF radiation before it enters the body. All SmartShield products are manufactured and assembled in the USA to ensure unparalleled product quality and customer care.


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Rated 4.67 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 3 customer reviews
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I'm not sure how to test it and know if it actually does anything, but i've experienced much more energy since putting this on my phone.

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Customer didn't write any details

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Verified purchase

I like to know that I am protected

This device gives me peace of mind as a frequent cell phone user.

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